About Us

Global Film Ventures is the answer to independent film incubation and acceleration. Global Film Ventures stands to educate and nurture filmmakers, cultivate investors, and foster entrepreneurship in the independent film world.  We seek to find enthusiastic, ambitious, and Driven Filmmakers and instill them with the mindset of open-mindedness, willingness, and diligence as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive as an independent film entrepreneur.  We prepare investors to competently invest in the highly specialized world of independent film.  We Synergize the two groups through the creation of a transparent, sustainable, and diversified investments in film and media that focus not only on profitability, but also benefit the planet and society as a whole.

Ben Yennie is the Former Chapter Leader for the Institute for International Film Finance for San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles. While at the IIFF, he organized seminars booking some of the most influential people in Film Finance and Distribution for those territories. He also screened business plans for an elite group of Silicon Valley investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in film. Ben is Currently a principle at Global Film Ventures, an Incubator for Independent Film in San Francisco. Ben has secured multiple deals for distribution of films while still in the script stage. Ben is the founder and CEO of Films by Neptune, an independent Film Production Company based in San Francisco California.  Ben attached Jodelle Ferland (Twilight: Eclipse, The Tall Man, Silent Hill) and Claudia Christian (Babylon 5, Disney’s Atlantis) to former projects. Ben has co-ran Campaigns on Kickstarter raising more than 30,000 dollars in total.  Ben has produced in excess of 30 short films, some winning audience choice awards at several film festivals Including Estes Park International Film Festival and The Laugh Track film festival in Colorado.